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Semiautomatic double layer static block-machine 450FCA

Semiautomatic double layer static block-machine 450FCA.
Fixed plat with automatic operation process, with filling of the mold through tray feeder, high-frequency vibration adjustable compression hydraulic mold of the product on the wooden table, complete with extractor and
lift a 4 levels (8 boards), plant Electrical low voltage. Supplied qith stock tables for food trays with automatic mold.

This equipment can be used for the manufacturing of paving stone, different type of concrete blocks: empty blocks, lightweight blocks, solid blocks, insulation blocks, curb blocks, blocks for the garden, etc.
The capacity is 450 blocks/hour (for the standard blocks 20x20x40 cm).

You can watch the video presentation of semiautomatic double layer static block-machine – model 450FCA

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