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Mobile block-machine M-500

Mobile block-machine M-500 has 3 low-voltage electric motors for a total power of 3,75 kW (220/380 – 50 or 60 Hz), very compact and handy.  Steel structure engineered for heavy duty use.  Production and unloading of finished products passes on  "egg-laying" type.

This equipment is ideal for regions where climatic conditions allow for drying of finished product outside.
Automatic filling of the mold. Compression for free fall vibration electric vibrator through high frequency.
Progress and steering through gearmotor applied to the front wheels. Electrical system at low voltage.  Structure in high-strength steel.

Hourly production:

  • 500 blocks (for standard blocks dimension 20 x 40 x 20 cm);
  • 500 m2 paving stone

Block-machine M-500 can produce:

  • Blocks;
  • Paving stones;
  • Hollow block stones;
  • Solid block stones;
  • Light weight blocks.
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