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Decorative stones production block-machines Piedraviva

Piedraviva - this innovative semi-automatic production line of decorative stones, was entirely designed by our technical department, following precisely the needs of the manufacture of these decorative products.

The line consists of the following main elements:

  • mixing plant with fully automatic planetary mixers 375 liters made real (2 or 3 or 4 silos);
  • power Supply Automatic additives (up to 4 liquid additives);
  • automatic filling molds (1 or 2 screws);
  • automatic tray tables in wood molds;
  • demolante spraying system (adjustable);
  • station spraying mold staining;
  • train Vibration Manual distribution of the mixture into molds;
  • automatic extraction and stacking of the molds in the elevator;
  • tipper molds and automated conveyor.


You can watch the video presentation of decorative stones production block-machines:

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